The State of Iowa vs. Annie Sohl

On March 20,1929, Annie Sohl, age 41 of Lyon County, Iowa was charged for allegedly Marrying Within One Year After Divorce.

Events of the Crime

On July 13, 1928, Annie Sohl willfully and unlawfully married Henry Sohl in Sibley, Iowa, having not been given permission by said District Court of the State of Iowa in and for Sioux County to marry within one year from the date of the filing for divorce, contrary to the statutes in this case made and provided against the peace and dignity of the State of Iowa.  Having been previously granted by decree on the 18th day of January, 1928, and filed with the clerk of the District Court of the State of Iowa, in and for Sioux County, divorced from one Henry P. Schmidt.

Evidence Before Grand Jury

Annie Sohl, the defendant, lives in Lyon County, Iowa.  She was divorced from me on the 18th day of January, 1928.  She obtained her divorce at Orange City, Sioux County, Iowa.  On the 13th day of July, 1928, at Sibley, Osceola County, Iowa, she married Henry Sohl.  She is now living with him on a farm in Lyon County, Iowa.  I want her prosecuted for marrying within one year after her divorce.

Henry P. Schmidt, age 46 of Hull, Iowa.


On April 6, 1929, Annie Sohl plead guilty to Marrying Within One Year After Divorce.  The Defendant was fined $150 and committed to the Osceola County Jail until the fine was paid in full.


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