Ashton Post Office Robbed

Sibley Gazette - November 19, 1914

Burglars Secure Several Hundred Dollars Worth of Jewelry

Make Getaway in Ford Car

Night Marshall and Robbers Exchange Shots. 

Safe Loaded With Nitroglycerine.




Burglars robbed the Ashton post office Monday night about midnight.  The robbers were apprehended by the night watch before they blew up the safe.  They secured several hundred dollars worth of jewelry, which Ed Gaster, the postmaster, had a stock of jewelry in the lobby of the post office.  A large quantity of this was secured by the burglars. 

The safe had been loaded with nitroglycerine and connected with a fuse, ready to explode.  Before the explosion, however, the night watch was on the job.

A Ford car without lights, carried the burglars out of town.  The night watch fired no less than nine shots at the bunch, who returned the fire.  The robbers got into the building through the rear door.



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