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Acquiring and Possessing Firearms

All-Terrain Vehicle and Off-Highway Motorcycle Regulations

Blizzard Safety

Can I carry a weapon on school grounds?

Child Restraint Laws

Consumer Advisory Bulletins

Controlled Substance Act (Schedule Drugs Criteria)

Do I need to stop when the amber lights are activated on a school bus?

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How can I prevent my family from becoming victims to home repair scams?

How did you turn out with the fundraiser to purchase new duty handguns?

How do I go about having a deputy watch over my home while Iím on vacation?

Iowa Court Systems

Iowa Driver's Manual


Iowa Sex Offender Registry Guidelines


No Contact / Protective Order Guidelines


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Sheriff's Budget

Sheriff's Report 2007 / Chief Deputy Report 2007

Snowmobile Regulations

Tornado Safety

Thunderstorm Safety Tips


Unwanted Sales & Survey Calls


What are the criminal penalties for Operating While Intoxicated?


What are the operation guidelines for operating snowmobiles in the City?

What are the rules regarding an Iowa Minor School License?

What are the types of weapon permits available?


What is all involved in the hiring process and the retention of a Deputy Sheriff?