Sheriff Lowry Nabs Bad Pair


Wanted at Fargo N. D.

Three Loaded Guns Found In Hotel Room


    Sheriff Lowry arrested Ed Smith of Auburn, Nebraska, charged with auto theft and Esther Newberger charged with attempted murder, on instructions from officials at Fargo, North Dakota.

    On Saturday night they registered at the Osceola House as Mr. and Mrs. Ed Smith.  The Sheriff followed them to Arnolds Park, but failed to locate the pair.

    Tuesday evening they returned to Sibley, again registering as Mr. and Mrs. Ed Smith.  The woman retired to her room while Smith went to a restaurant.  He was arrested upon his return.  Sheriff Lowry then went to the women's room, breaking through the door.  The women had retired, but that failed to stop the Sheriff, who secured three guns from a traveling bag.

    The arsenal consented to a 45 automatic colt, 32 automatic colt, and a 38 special cylinder gun, all loaded.

    The pair were placed in the county jail, awaiting the officials from Fargo.

Sibley Gazette - Thursday, September 2, 1926















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