Osceola Sheriff Wants Swindler

H. F. Price, Who Committed Frauds in Iowa Towns, Under Arrest at Columbus, Nebraska

Had Female Accomplice

Girl is Miss Baker, of Des Moines, Iowa -- Officer Had a Long and Exciting Chase After the Pair





As a consequence Sheriff Desmond usually arrived in the city where they had been operating a day after they had left.  Price is said to be wanted in Worthington and Luverne, Minnesota.  He is also wanted in Creston and Atlantic, Iowa as well as Sibley. 

    Sheriff Desmond is of the opinion that Price has an accomplice as in one of the Iowa towns he adopted a somewhat different but equally effective method of securing money.  He asked at the hotel where he was stopping for an advance of money, stating his firm, the Elliott & Hatch Co. of Chicago, had omitted to send him his regular check.  The clerk declined to accommodate and then Price said he would telegraph to the company's branch house in Blair, Nebraska.  This he did and an answer was received authorizing the clerk to advance Price, who was then using the name of Harris, $50 for the incidental expenses, but not to exceed that sum.  As soon as he got the money, Price decamped and later the hotel people discovered that they had been neatly buncoed.

    At Sibley, Iowa, Price, who went there under the name of Harris, apparently his most frequent alias, not only succeeded in cashing a worthless check for $20, but ran up a hotel bill besides of $32.12, which he avoided paying by slipping out of the hotel at night through the window in his room.

    Everywhere Price represented himself as in the employ of the Elliott & Hatch Book Typewriter company and in Sibley had the nerve to go before the board of county supervisors with a proposition to sell a machine for use in the office of the clerk of the courts.  The supervisors of Osceola County, in which Sibley is offered a reward of $25 for the arrest of Price.

    Sheriff Desmond has been on the trail of young Price and his female companion for several weeks, but failed to connect with them.  Price and his companion used their interchangeable mileage books, which gave the sheriff a clue, but they had a habit of getting tickets to a certain point and then leaving the train two or three stations before their supposed destination was reached.

Sibley Gazette - December 31, 1901

    The Iowa Authorities will make a strong effort to secure possession of H. F. Price, the young man with the many aliases and an aptness for passing forged checks, now is under arrest at Columbus, Nebraska.  Sheriff Frank Desmond of Sibley, Iowa went to Columbus and will try to induce the authorities there to let him have Price, as the young man is badly wanted in Iowa.  It is supposed here that as Price was arrested within a short time after passing the forged check for $50 in Columbus.  Most of the money was recovered and that the authorities there may be willing to let Sheriff Desmond have him.

    Sheriff Desmond reached Council Bluff's hoping to find the young man under arrest in this city.  He says that Price's right name is C. Davis and that he belongs to an Omaha family.  The young woman with Price, Sheriff Desmond says, is named Baker, and her home is in Des Moines.  These names are on mileage books they have in their possession.


















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