The State of Iowa vs. Oscar B. Mc Bride




Events of the Crime

Paul C. Dilley, investigating Superintendent of the Hubbard and Palmer Company of Mankato, Minnesota found Oscar McBride was indulging into unauthorized practices of manipulating the bushels of grain that he has taken in.  The Hubbard and Palmer Company estimated their loss to be somewhere between $5,000 to $10,000.  On March 26, 1940, McBride received payment for delivering 2,400 bushels of mill feed to the George Farmers Elevator in which Dilley viewed the cancelled check paid out to McBride and where the funds had not been sent to the company. 


J.H. Nicoll, Deputy Sheriff of Osceola County, Iowa arrested Oscar B. McBride on April 30, 1940 at which time McBride admitted that he was expecting him and that he was guilty.  In the presence of the Osceola County Attorney and Dilley of the Hubbard and Palmer Company, McBride stated he had been short for some time and that he was guilty and wanted to admit it.  McBride stated he collected several open accounts for the Company and had used the money himself.  McBride said that Dr. Reinsch owed the Company $100 but McBride traded it out as he owed Dr. Reinsch a doctor bill.  He also traded out the bill that Tritz, an owner of a grocery and meat market, owed the Company for his own family bill. 



     Oscar B. McBride Statement    



On April 30, 1940, Oscar McBride was found guilty of the crime of Embezzlement.  The Defendant was sentenced to imprisonment in the State Penitentiary at Fort Madison, Iowa for an indeterminable period not to exceed 5 years.




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