Oscar B. Mc Bride Statement


In order to meet quoted prices on grain, we paid tract bid prices.  When prices were quoted, they were paid 2 below tract bid price.  We paid 2 more than we were supposed to, which eventually showed up a shortage of commodities bought.


Henry Reiners delivered 10,000 bushels of oats which was quoted as corn, which of course made it longer on corn and shorter on oats.  The oats was shipped out and the Company got the money.


Coony Monster had 4,000 bushels of corn stored in the elevator.  He had 576 bushels of rye stored in there also, and 107 bushels of barley.  That was all shipped out to the company's credit.  I made arrangements with Monster that whenever he wanted to sell this grain, I would pay the market price on the day that he wanted to sell.  The Company did not know about this arrangement.  Monster had not yet been paid.  This could not have been caught ordinarily until the July audit.


Leo Monster also had 800 bushels of corn stored in the elevator, and Joe Huss had 1,200 bushels of corn stored.


The following accounts show unpaid on the books:

Dick Hickman               $107.17

Joe Huss                       $180.47

Ed Krogman                 $156.50

Dr. Reinsch                   $100.00

Leo Stallman                 $169.48

Nick Strouth                   $203.20

Thom Bros.                    $244.32

Tritz and Krogman        $120.59

All of these accounts have been paid however, I have used the money myself.  Tritz's and Dr Reinsch's I traded out.  I have no idea the actual shortage in grain would amount to.







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