July 5, 1955 Fire in Ocheyedan

Ocheyedan's Business section of town was struck by disaster around 12:45 am when Art Zevenbergen was driving through town and discovered Carlson's Drug store was ablaze.  Smoke consumed the Turner's Red Owl, Falk Market and Locker, U.S. Post Office, Masonic Hall, Lighter's apartment and a storage area.  The dense smoke made it impossible to see.  Fire Departments from Sibley, Melvin, May City, Lake Park, Sanborn, and Sheldon responded to the call. 

The cause of the fire was believed to be lightning.  Marshall E.W. Uden reported seeing a bolt of lightning strike near the building and a ball of fire rolled down Main Street about an hour before the blaze was reported.  Neighboring Fire Departments were at the blaze till about 9 am.  Records were saved from the grocery store and locker but nothing was salvageable from the drug store or post office.  All of the business' relocated and continued to operate.  Today, the Ocheyedan Savings Bank occupies the corner where Carlson's Drug store was originally. 

Main Street looking South with Carlson's Drug Store on the east corner

All that remains of Carlson's Drug Store and part of Turner's Red Owl


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