Sheriff's Report

2007 Sheriff's Report


You know the old saying “time fly’s when you are having fun” or is it “the older you get the faster time goes by” in either case, 2007 went really fast for me.  I don’t know if it is because I’m older or if I was having too much fun.  Those of us who work for the Sheriff’s Office have to love the job and are having fun, because if we are not, it is not the type of profession you do “just because”.  2007 was another year where we ran into some of the same old situations and then again we also discovered some new things that we are going to have to learn how to deal with.  We always run into situations that can make us laugh and then again we have also had times when we had to cry, times when sleep was no problem and times when we didn’t sleep for a days, times that made us proud of what we do and times that we would like to forget about, but sometimes forgetting just doesn’t happen all of the sudden. 


Most people do not realize the responsibility that goes along with being in public safety; we are responsible for the well being and protection of every person in this county and every person that comes into our county, along with everyone’s personal property and real estate.  We are committed to doing the best we can with what we have.  Our mission statement is “Excellence through Professionalism-Courtesy-Integrity and if any of you ever feel that we fell short in this area please let us know and we will try to remedy the situation.  We are not perfect but in some ways the law requires us to be, and if we are not, cases get dropped and law suits happen.  The residents of Osceola County are lucky because we have an experienced staff of employees that are dedicated and continually training so that we are able to provide excellence and knowledgeable services.  In Osceola County all of our children have access to the best schooling there is to offer and we all have access to hospitals and health care facilities that in other rural areas of the country those opportunities just aren’t there.  As far as the crime rate goes, here are some 2007 figures that I thought may interest you.



The 2 things that stick out the most to me is that drug arrest and domestic abuse calls have gone up dramatically from last year.


Doug Weber, Sheriff


2007 Chief Deputy's Report

We also had a successful year in securing grant money.  We were able to purchase some new surveillance equipment and a speed trailer with the grant money.  Our office is also now online and if you want to find out more information about us just log onto our new web site at

Every year for a state requirement we have to qualify on the shooting range with our duty weapons and Deputy Tony Reitsma won our office Top Gun award.  Also a special thanks to all who helped out with our fundraiser to buy new handguns.  The response we got was just over whelming.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 2008, I also hope it goes fast for you, if it does it means that you are having fun and that you are getting older, which is always a good thing.


Kevin Wollmuth, Chief Deputy




September 2007 - There has been a number of copper thefts in Iowa and other states.  The price of copper is increasing and so are the incidents of copper thefts.  Thieves are taking copper pipes and electrical wiring from residences, churches, schools, and other buildings.  Some thieves commit their crimes during daylight hours to give the appearance  that they are doing legitimate work.  If you see any suspicious activity please contact the sheriff’s office at 712-754-2556.


August 2007 - According to Sheriff Doug Weber there has been several complaints of items taken out of parked vehicles in Sibley during the night time hours.  Items taken have been money, CD's, and other personal property.  If you hear or see anything suspicious please call 9-1-1.  Remember to take the keys out of your vehicle and to lock the doors. 


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