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      The telephone (700) had been connected with police lights at the Third Avenue and Ninth Street corner to insure that all calls will be answered no matter where the officer on duty is at the moment.

       Mayor Henry B. Symens compares Sibley's new police station with that of cities three or four times our size.

   Chief of Police Scott's future plans include the conducting of classes for the city's policemen that will cover the law of arrest, technique of patrol, marksmanship, basic police training and public relations.  These classes should start in a week or two.

    Scott would like to ass a sawed-off shotgun to the present firepower of the force.  The men now have a pistol and a rifle.  Also, since Scott is a licensed radio operator, city officials are working on a plan that would link a city police short-wave radio system to other law enforcement radio bands in this area.

    The city council is also working on some type of uniforms to be provided for the city's police force.

    Scott lists the crime increase all over the county as one of the best reasons for enlarging and better equipping a city's police force, and he looks on that betterment as a form of insurance for Sibley's citizens

   "If precautions weren't taken by the police department and city officials of a place this size," said Scott, "They would be failing to do their job and failing to carry out the trust put in them by the city's people."

    "In the event of any occurrence," he concluded, "The city police force should be trained, equipped and prepared to meet the emergency."


Sibley Gazette - August 7, 1952

Sibley Opens Up First Police Office Here;

Well-equipped and Modern


Improvements and Additions

Being Made For Any Emergency


   If you were to pick up your phone right now and call Sibley 700, you would be ringing Sibley's first, newest and only police station, located above the city fire hall.

    That use to be a half-used store room now houses a "wanted" file, a series of complaints and crime bulletins plus a record of all arrested made in the city.  The later, along with all city accident reports, have been in the past kept by the county sheriff's office.

    For a more national outlook, there are bulletins from surrounding states, state sheriff's association bulletins and FBI data.

    Police Chief Lester L. Scott helped keep the city's expenses for the police office down to $100 by doing the general cleaning up in the office.  He did all the floor sanding, painting of walls and woodwork and constructed the modern-type counter that greets the official or unofficial visitor to the police station when he enters the door.

    Much of the furniture, chairs and desks in the office came from donations from the good citizens of Sibley. 

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