State of Iowa vs. Ronald Stevenson







Events of the Crime

On July 29, 1970, at approximately 1:40 am, Jacqueline Ann Traufler was stopped on a black top road in rural Osceola County, Iowa by Ronald Stevenson.  The defendant forced Traufler to accompany him in a 1955 Chevrolet 4 door automobile with Iowa license #75-8899 by threatening her with a knife having a blade in excess of 3 inches in length.  Between the hours of 2am to 6am the defendant committed the offense of Rape upon Traufler.  

Upon trial of the foregoing True Information the State will call the following named persons who will testify substantially as follows:

  1. JACQUELINE ANN TRAUFLER:  Witness will testify that she is a resident of George, Lyon County, Iowa, 16 years of age and employed as a waitress at the Country Cafe located approximately one mile south of Sibley, Iowa on Highway 60 in Osceola County.  That at approximately 2:00 o'clock am, on July 29, 1970, she was forced by Ronald Stevenson to accompany him in his automobile; that he took her to a farmhouse located in Osceola County where without her permission and with force did ravish and carnally know her.

  2. DR. F. B. O'LEARY:  Witness will testify that he is a resident of Sibley, Osceola County, Iowa and a Doctor of Medicine; that at approximately 8:30 o'clock am, on July 29, 1970, he examined Jacqueline Ann Traufler and found that there had been a recent penetration into her vaginal opening and that there were male sperm present.


On August 31, 1970 Ronald Stevenson plead guilty to the crime of Rape and was sentence to 25 years in prison.


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