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Jail Information


Jail Arrangements must be made with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office before serving any time.


Jail Commissary:  Snack, hygiene, and other items can be purchased online

through our commissary provider at  A minimum

subtotal of $10 is required.  Orders must be received by 7:00AM Wednesday

for Friday delivery.


Jail Fees:  All inmates sentenced to the Osceola County Jail will be

charged for their jail stay.  All fees are collected at the time of intake

unless prior arrangements have been made with the jail administrator.

   Inmates serving their sentence for Osceola County will be

charged $30.00 per day.

   Inmates serving their sentence for another jurisdiction will be

charged $75.00 per day

  ** Inmates on Work Release are charged the same amount as all other


  **If the sentence includes credit for time already served, the inmate is

still required to pay the full amount for the total of days sentenced.


Jail Grievance: Inmates wishing to file a grievance may do so within

48 hours of the grievance and must do so in writing to the jail

administrator.  The jail administrator will respond to the grievance within

72 hours.  A difference of opinion or misunderstanding is often resolved

by simply taking the time to talk and listen.  Many times agency officials

are eager to explain what they did and why they did it, or will correct the problem to your satisfaction.  If you continue to have a problem with a state or local government agency, you can contact the State of Iowa, Office of Citizens' Aide/Ombudsman Office at (515) 281-3592, or (888)-426-6283 (toll-free nationwide), or by email at


Jail Privileges include but not limited to TV, radio, commissary, visitation, and work release.  Any violation of the Osceola County Jail Rules will result in the loss of any or all privileges.


Jail Rules:  No roughhousing, no loud noises, no profanity, no gambling, no spitting, no mattress or bedding on the floor, all living quarters are to be kept clean and neat,  beds are to be made during the day, must have jumpsuit or clothing on during the day, inmates are to shower once daily in the morning, no sharing of razors, and inmates must be in their bunks between 11:00pm and 7:00am. 

Inmates are subject to criminal charges for: Defacing or destroying county property, assaulting jail staff, failure to obey directive from jail staff, fighting, escape/aiding and abetting, conspiracy, making false statements to staff, smoking, or smuggling contraband into the jail.


Mailing packages containing clothing, food, personal items, etc. will not be accepted into the jail.  Letters may be sent by U.S. mail to an inmate with the following address and appropriately marked with the senders return mail address on the outside of the envelope.

   (Inmates name)
  Osceola County Jail 
  309 6th Street
  Sibley, Iowa  51249


All general correspondence may be opened, inspected, and read for security purposes.  A limited amount of books/magazines may be brought into the jail with the approval from the Sheriff or jail administrator.


Medical services are provided to all inmates no matter what their financial situation is; however inmates are liable for most medical care costs and deductions may be withdrawn from the inmates account as accrued.  New money deposited will be applied to medical debt.  


Money can be deposited into an inmates account.  Money deposited into an inmates account is subject to payment for medication and medical care costs incurred during their incarceration.


Phone calls: Incoming calls are not allowed. Attorneys and bondsmen may be allowed phone access. All calls are collect or at your expense.  A calling card can be purchased at the jail for $10.00, Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.  Reliance Telephone, Inc. is our provider.  If friends or family wish to purchase an inmate phone card for the inmate, you can purchase cards on line with a credit card at


(Reliance Telephone Disclaimer:  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to get the PIN to the inmate in a private and secure manner, we cannot reimburse you for unauthorized use.  Do NOT leave this number on an inmate voicemail system.)


To guarantee collect calls to either your home telephone number or to your cellular telephone, please call 1-800-896-3201.  Your telephone number may be restricted for some reason not known to you.


Veterans Justice Outreach Program: A program designed to assist a branch member of the U.S. military with legal issues pending with the criminal justice system.  VJOP will assist on working with your legal representative to identify mental health or substance abuse treatment options.  Assist with eligibility determination, enrollment and referral to VA and Non-VA Services.  Offering direct outreach, assessment and case management for justice involved Veterans in local courts and jail.  Sioux Falls VA Health Care System (605) 336-3230, Ext 7762 or (800) 316-8387, Ext 7762.


Visitation is held each Sunday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm for men & 3:00pm to 4:00pm for women. 


Visitors must register on the inmates visitation list and show some form of ID.  All visitors entering the jail may be searched for contraband.  Persons may be denied admission into the jail if they refuse to consent to a required search.  Visitors must agree to abide to all visitation policies.  Visitation is a privilege to all inmates and visitors.  Any violation will result in the loss of such privilege by either party.


Work Release:  All conditions of work release for the Osceola County Jail must be arranged prior to admission.  A complete list of the rules and regulations are made available for pickup at the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.  Work release is a privilege.  If an inmate should violate any of the foregoing provisions, the Sheriff will immediately suspend work release privileges for 5 days and can recommend to the County Attorney that he/she petition the sentencing judge for a permanent cancellation of the offending inmate’s work release privileges. 

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